Sometimes a company can go overboard in their ‘Training Sessions’ to train people, when this happens it can be very quickly seen as a de-motivational. Once this negative effect sets in there is almost certainly a knock on effect to the morale and output of the individual concerned.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions – that get results

Once an organisation has recognised that this effect is coming into play then it is important for them to deal with it accordingly. For some they will perhaps tone down their training methods, this is fine and can have the effect that is required; however, an increasing amount of forward thinking companies are turning to the likes of team building events to get some of their training messages across. Very often these events can subtly help an individual to enhance their leadership skills or the development of other key qualities. It really depends on how the event or session is set up, as to what positive outcomes are achieved.

It’s More Than Just Running Around!

Some people might think that team building and training sessions is just about running around outside, playing strategy games of some kind. Of course this can be part of a session or event; however, there tends to be much more to a good team building session than this. Key focus areas could be:

  • Demonstrating effective leadership
  • Development of new skills
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Forming strong bonds with colleagues

To get the maximum results there will ideally have been an element of preparation carried out; this will help settle on some goals that need to be achieved. Just because the employees will be out of their natural working environment and having a good deal of fun, doesn’t mean that things shouldn’t be measured. Ideally the event that is chosen should have the ability to focus on the particular areas of importance, in the process this will help to develop the skills of the participants.

Learning Environment

Taking a group of people outside of their natural learning environment can be a very powerful way to help with personal development and leadership; sometimes the employee’s place of work presents them with too much of a comfort level. It is this comfort level that prevents them from taking in the message that is being passed on, of course when this happens the individual will start to switch off from training and development. Attendance and participation normally suffer at this stage, as the boredom of in-house training really starts to kick in.

Some of these negatives can be avoided by giving the employees an opportunity to express themselves in a different environment, well away from the normal routine of their daily work. A well run indoor team building development session or even can be the perfect way to be able to avoid such issues.

Alternatives to Endless Training Sessions

It is of course a proven fact that once something is made to be interesting it then becomes more valuable, this is exactly the same with any form of development. The trick is to make it interesting and fun, whilst being able to deliver on the core elements that are required. To that effect, it doesn’t really matter if the event or session is held indoors or outdoors; the importance is that everyone is given an opportunity to interact and gain something from the session. The development of new skills that can be used in the normal work environment is just one of the many positive effects of a well-run team building session. The alternative to this is to still with the tried and tested training method and in the process achieve the results that are always achieved.

So what next?

Now that you have established there are options for training with your team, ask us how we can offer options to make your training be rewarded with success. Contact Us and we can make suggestions for your training session.

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