Teambuilding Singapore LTA (Land Transport Authority) Team-Building Programme info page

As a preferred supplier to LTA, Teambuilding Singapore has created this page to allow Teambuilding Singapore LTA teams to see whats happening on the various workshops and training days being facilitated. Access is to all LTA teams to get an understanding of our approach and different workshops we offer within the LTA organisation. Call +65 6155 6624 for more assistance and a meeting.

See our programs and activities in action at YouTube.

  1. The Venues we use are extensive and different, from The Arts House at Old Parliment Building to the PUB all are different and all cater for different outcomes and team needs. LTA has various outcomes and every team comes with a variety of needs, so we recommend the best venue within the scope of our pricing modules.

‘Appreciate teamwork. Be confident in stepping forward to lead or share in public. Thanks a lot the team-building host were excellent last year in PUB and again this year at old parliament house.’

Teambuilding Singapore LTA
LTA team at The Arts House, Old Parliament Building in Singapore 2017



2. Catering is important – we all love our food and yes, the day is full of training, so we decided to offer the best food, drinks and snacks throughout the day. Teambuilding Singapore LTA is committed to providing the best training day to the team!

‘Great idea to include charity into team building…Profiling of working style is useful! Lessons were integrated into the games/sessions seamlessly. Activities are engaging, the facilitators are engaging, and the food is awesome. Thank you!’

Teambuilding Singapore and LTA training workshops and team work         team building singapore LTA






3. The Teambuilding Singapore LTA Programmes are all facilitated in a fun and energetic way – engaging with the group, allowing reflections on learning’s and all with a positive outcome that is transferable to the LTA workplace.

All Programmes are offered as Full or Half day training, with options to adapt activities within the training agenda to each team outcomes, wants and needs. Just ask for ideas.

Popular Programmes have been: Walk, Cycle, Ride; The MRT Race; Know yourself, know your team; Collaboration Works; Team Synergy.‘The venue was great…Collaboration between teams are more effective than 1 team.’ LTA Rail Systems

Programme 1a: Growing from Strength to Strength – Enhancing excellence.

Programme 2a: Communicate Effectively: Communication

Programme 3a: Connecting people & Behaviors in Teamwork

Programme 4a: Building Organizational Teamwork

Programme 5a: Thinking Strategically

Programme 6a: Drive for Results: High Performance teamwork

Programme 7a: Focus on Customers and Our Values

Programme 8a: Develop Self to Benefit Others: Know your team and Live our values

Programme 9a: Innovation and Vision for Continual Improvement

Programme 10a: Achieving Organisational Vision & performance

Programme 11a: Growing from Strength to Strength – Enhancing excellence.

Programme 12a: Growing and Enhancing Performance excellence.

Programme 13a: Thinking Strategically – Amazing Race Challenge

Programme 14a: TRICEP – Our Values

Programme 15a: Develop Self to Benefit Others through C.S.R.

Programme 16a: Bridging the Gap


4. Enjoyment is essential, we want every participant from LTA to enjoy their day, walking away with new friends, understanding the team and clear on team work.

5. Prizes and Awards go to the many, celebrating success is important to all, so we embrace it with prizes and awards for activities throughout the day.

         Team Building in Singapore LTA

6. Program Benefits:

  • Team work with underlying messages of LTA TRICEP Values and also communication, planning, time management, problem solving and utilization of resources through team decisions.
  • Creates an understanding of teamwork and builds trust.
  • Develops team-ship within groups ‘when we are a group who shares the same risk. they are a team’
  • Involves the use of strategy and tactics, co-operation.
  • Fun and interactive training programs that are both memorable and social.



Teambuilding Singapore LTA
Teambuilding Singapore LTA at Hort Park in Singapore


LTA Teambuilding Singapore team activities and games
LTA Team at The Arts House in Old Parliament House