way of the warrior

The Way of the Warrior – team building activity uses the art that have been taught by the ancient samurai warriors, your teams will be taken on a journey that will see them develop further their levels of self-trust and focus. The way of the warrior is taught by a genuine Kendo Master, with the session providing participants with a firm understanding of the art and skills of Kendo. This exhilarating event will really test your team’s powers of confidence and trust.

Your team will learn the actions and movements that will put them in control. Some fun and interactive challenges will test the team’s commitment and swordsmanship skills. This event is provides the perfect opportunity to improve the following key areas:

  • Self-leadership
  • Accountability
  • Focus

Our way of the warrior program can be completed in a 1-2 hour session, with options available to work on developing stronger leadership skills. Kendo is an exciting activity and during the event there will be many different insights that are gained by the groups, allowing them to focus and sharpen their skill sets. Raising the Bar Many organisations that have looked to improve their teams overall effectiveness has completed this session. Within the fun framework, a serious message is delivered. This allows teams to understand the importance of building trust and having a strong singular focus. It also is great for teaching individuals how to follow through with their actions. This event is not to be missed and promises to be as rare and unique as anyone has witnessed. Way of the warrior is unique to Teambuilding Singapore.

Team Building Singapore consists of a team of professional individuals who are dedicated to providing a platform to allow others to improve their own team working practices. Our facilitators are expert in business, leadership and management profiling. Hosting a whole range of different fun team building events and exercises, that is designed to promote leadership and development skills. Most of all our team likes to have fun. We work hard to design sessions that will meet the needs of your business, team and individuals. This is achieved by discussions and pre-meetings, which will then allow us to offer you a choice of solutions; each of them will provide different outcomes. When and Where? Diversity allows us the flexibility to deliver any program that you need at any time and in any location. The inclusion of a weather and time back-up solution to all of our events will ensure that your team building exercise goes off without a hitch. Kendo and Warrior is also facilitated across SEA and Australia.

Why Choose Team Building Singapore? We are the experts in our field, offering over 40 exciting and fun programs. With over 10 years experience we are well placed to recommend alternative ideas and programs that really will fit your own requirements. Team Building Singapore has developed an excellent reputation for the design and implementation of some of the highest quality, experienced-based learning programs. We specialise in providing a wealth of tailor made programs that will make your training or conference session memorable for all the right reasons. Our 10 years of experience in leadership and development team building allows us to add real tangible value to your business.

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Kendo - way of the warrior