Team Selfie Activity

There is no doubt that this generation loves to take selfies. You can walk down any street in Singapore and literally see someone taking a selfie. So Teambuilding Singapore challenges your team to a new level with something known as a Team Selfie Activity – the Scavenger Hunt for the new generation.


Racing against the clock and armed with a list of key topics and inclusions – even props. Everyone already has a cell phone, so why not utilize it and have some fun with the teams competing for the best visual creative awards, to win Team Selfie Activity is above everything else! Using either our cameras or your own cell phones, armed with our selfie sticks, teams are given a briefing sheet and the clock starts.

We design and create all games and events around your teams needs, budget, locations, group size and outcomes. Follow us on FACEBOOK for updates and ideas.

From shopping Malls to the Marina Bay area, Boat Quay and Orchard Road, indoor or outside, but what we love about our Team Selfie Scavenger Hunt is that you have multiple options. You can do the Selfie Scavenger Hunt at the mall, indoor, outdoor, or even do in the conference room. Perfect as an icebreaker or conference / meeting kick off, part of a business planning day or to simply escape the office at lunch time. Singapore has some of the best locations, with awesome iconic features and buildings, Malls and buildings, what our program delivers is exploring these key and important locations and allowing teams to capture the action.


Teambuilding Singapore provide all the equipment and props for the activity, with qualified skilled staff located at checkpoints, allocating additional challenges and missions. The locations are flexible and any area is easy to incorporate.

  1. Perfect for teams of any size 10 pax to over 1000+
  2. Any location can be used in Team Selfie Activity.
  3. Explores creativity, communication, co-operation and collaboration in teams.
  4. interactive and aligned with company values.
  5. Indoor back up options should weather prevent outdoors.
  6. We include prizes and awards, trophy and all the images from the event.


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