Everyone loves spy movies, and our Spy Hunt a Licence to Spy game is the best. This is perhaps why this high tech game has become a firm favourite amongst the teams that have played it; in-turn making this a real WOW event!

Licence to Spy is an advanced game features an especially dedicated website to play it, where the teams are provided with access codes. They then log in via lap tops, tablets or smart phones to gain the full mission briefings.

The Ultimate Team Hunting Adventure

The Licence to Spy event is nothing less than the ultimate team hunting adventure, involving many twists and turns along the way. It will surely test any team’s development to the full as they plan their way to success.

License to Spy will focus very heavily on the following areas:

  • Team development
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Leadership

All of the above are tested in a fun and creative way, making our Licence to Spy adventure both rewarding and very memorable.

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There are 3 different program levels to choose from, these are as follows:

Silver program

  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • All equipment
  • Unique team log in code
  • Key locations

Gold program

As per the silver program, plus:

  • Team vs. team challenges
  • Covert operations or spy exchange
  • Photo challenge (digital camera hunt)
  • Public transport (trains, trams, taxi?s and boats)

Platinum program

As per the Gold program, plus:

  • Creative team activities consisting of puzzles and team problems
  • Mobile phone technology plus GPS and hand held radios
  • Video challenge and post editing
  • Finale back at the office, conference venue or even the pub!
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This exciting journey moves over a series of different locations, plus can incorporate actors as some of the agents. Perhaps the best way to imagine this is to think about James Bond meeting Mission Impossible with a touch of Austin Powers thrown in for good measure!

Each of the programs are designed around your organisation’s needs, budgets and outcomes, plus of course your group location.