Shutter Speed can be run at any venue of your choice in Singapore and is the ideal team event to witness the hot spots of the vibrant city. Looking for some great team ideas – please check out our on-line video:

Each team is pitching for a Tender of Business from a client. Teams are given key locations and photo topics, given time and resources, the teams are competing for a clients business, so creativity wins. Once back at base, captions are digitally added onto your “Snaps” from the day which are then shown back on the big screen straight away or over dinner later that evening or alternatively at the end of your event. A true team building event for the technical age.

The objective of a photo hunt is for teams to find the places on a photograph and to make as creative a photo as possible in the same location. The team members must also be on the photo. Every photograph includes exact instructions on how the team members must appear on the photo. The team will be given a legend, photographs on paper and a digital camera. During the allotted time, the team must find as many locations as possible if possible, all and photograph them according to the instructions.

They need to go here there and every where looking for that perfect location and their story board to come up with some amazing shots. Options can include: Teambuilding Australia will throw-in a collection of mad props and costumes. And will throw in some very unusual items that they must include in their shoot.

  • The photo shoots need to be made and ready within the allotted time frame,
  • The photos must be totally unique,
  • Include members of your team and team number for identification etc.
  • Include some of the special locations of the area.
  • The more creative the better!

Come away with some of the best photo shoots you would ever want to see! This intelligent challenge will get the creative juices of your team flowing.

Teambuilding games.


Involves intelligent teamwork – Involves all members of your team – Clever twist with props and items – Utilises the digital medium – Incorporates creativity and team based challenges