When it comes to a scavenger hunt, no one can compete with the offerings of Team Building Singapore. We have by far the craziest and most quirky set of hunts, designed to bring teams closer together than ever before.

shutter speed games
Our best Scavenger hunts are Beat the Tweet, License to Spy, Shutter Speed and our Amazing Race – a great escape from the office / conference room!
All four are different:
1. License to Spy: involves teams using the internet access to discover locations and clues whilst racing against the clock.
2. Shutter Speed: requires teams to capture local images and present their best captures of the team in action.
3. Amazing Race: traditional race style event across the city.
4. Beet the tweet: played on Twitter with teams racing against Twitter feeds.

Our memorable adventures are sure to be packed with lots of fun for everyone involved. We have sites all across Singapore, with these being expanded all of the time.We are confident of providing a scavenger hunt to match with your team’s requirements.

A well run scavenger hunt can provide the perfect break from a conference or training course, giving the participants an ideal opportunity to recharge the brain cells. This fantastic team building events really encourage communication, planning and of course the ability to follow instructions. The addition of history and an element of trivia will provide the makings for a very memorable event.

The scavenger hunts that are organised by Team Building Singapore are much more than the average affairs. A selection of challenging clues awaits the participants, only once they are worked can the treasure be found. To reach the end goal, your teams will have activities to solve and things to do and find. In essence they will be kept very busy as they work their way through some of the twists and turns that the event throws at them.

Clue Writing Role

Thankfully Team Building Singapore takes the role of clue writing very seriously, so this will be no easy scavenger hunt to complete; however, it should also be noted that we don’t make it overly difficult, as people might well switch off! The journey will take your teams on a route that will engage their bodies and of course their minds into solving some of the team work puzzles. These skills that are most likely to be used are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Team working
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
sentosa race
amazing race

Perhaps the most important skill that will be used is that of cross team collaboration, as only when this is achieved can the task be fully completed. Of course it goes without saying that all of the participants will have lots of fun during this fully interactive event.

The Team Building Singapore scavenger hunts promote a harmonious working environment with strong communication elements; these are of course things that can easily be taken back into the work environment.

staff group.

Additional Secondary Benefits

We have also noted that there can be some secondary benefits; these tend to be things like:

  • Time management
  • Strategy development
  • Delegation
  • Creativity
  • Negotiation

So whatever you are looking for from a Team Building Singapore

scavenger hunt, there are sure to be some huge benefits to your organisation.

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