Remember the cult 1970’s television game show, It’s a Knockout? Well this is our take on this fun and interactive event. This team building sports day is always a big hit with contestants as they battle to bring home the glory for their respective teams. It’s a Knockout team building activity in Singapore is big, loud and crazy fun for everyone!

The teams will strive for glory under the banner of a team name, colour or brand; all competing in what can only be described as a bizarre series of events. This team building sports-day is quite possible the ultimate corporate event, designed to allow individuals to blow off steam whilst at the same time bestowing the virtues of team performance.

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Never Ever Forgotten

Team Building Singapore is able to take care of everything, to make sure that this special day will never ever be forgotten. Including elements such as:

  • Recommending venues
  • Organising agendas
  • Conducting travel and logistic arrangements

Our aim is to provide the maximum assistance to allow your teams to enjoy these excellent team building activities.

The important thing to remember about this day is that the events are completely safe, memorable and most of all ideal for a wide range of participants. The fit and not so fit, the young and old; just about everyone will enjoy taking part in this outdoor team building event.

This team building sports day can be tailored to suit every organisations requirements:

  • Locations : Various throughout Singapore and South East Asia
  • Participants : 25 – 1,000
  • Games : Many of the originals games from the cult 1970’s “It’s a Knockout” television show
  • Timescales : Anywhere from 2 hours to all day

Fund Raising Days

Team Building Singapore are even able to arrange a charity event that is perfect for fund raising days, these events will normally pull in bumper crowds; giving even more “loud” support to the respective teams.

During the event, teams are awarded points for their performances; with the team that scores the highest amount of points getting to advance to the latter stages. Teams will have the opportunity to “play their joker”, giving them an opportunity to double their points in that particular round. Leadership is vital in this event as someone will need to make the key decisions about when to play that joker.

The common thread for feedback regarding this brilliant team building event is that it is described as a school sports day, but for adults! An example of this is that team members will attempt to carry an object, whilst blindfolded, around an obstacle course. Alternatively they might well have to try to lift an object over an area whilst not talking, again blindfolded.

It's a knock out.
corporate group photo.
staff team on the beach.

Banter and Sledging!

The team vs. team element only serves to add to the level of completion. Very often the members of one team will try to “interfere” with another team, this might mean squirting the other team with water or similar. Banter and sledging is a must during these exhilarating team events.

Many of the events will require team collaboration, it is rarely enough for the most talented individuals to go it alone and still win. A firm strategy is required if your team is to be successful. Knowing exactly when and where to play the joker is just one of the elements that will decide on how well your team does.

Event Summary

The following is an example of just some of the elements that can be included to make this team building event even more special:

  • Team vs. team challenges
  • Problem solving, creative or sports based events
  • Beach activities
  • Video or acting challenges
  • Actors staged at key locations
  • MC to run the event, providing an added touch of humour