Beat the App is a Quick, Fun and Interactive teambuilding technology game.

A brand new team building activity that gets your team racing around the city, completing challenges, solving problems, GPS Waypoints and being creative. Can your team Beat the App?
Beat The App Rat Race
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Beat the App is perfect for Singapore City Centre, Sentosa Island, Quay areas or Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay, Botanical Gardens. We design each event around your teams needs, time, budget and group size.

Armed with your smart phone or Tablet, participants use our dedicated App to choose challenges based on points, locations and their skills. These clues will include heritage map references, GPS points, Cryptic Clues pictures, audio files as well as text. Team members have to work together to solve logic puzzles, pop culture quizzes and various creative challenges all while navigating their way through the city to find hidden cookies.

Team will be able to track the progress of each other via the twitter feed that provides updates about completed challenges and scoreboard rankings. This helps create an extra sense of urgency for teams to work together to complete assigned tasks ahead of the competition.

Beat The App has been designed specifically to provide clients, who have either a limited budget or time restrictions, a fun and interactive activity that will get teams moving and cooperating while enhancing their creative skills.

From a lunch break to an afternoon, any group size, any location, any time. Keep informed with our team building actives by following us on Facebook.


Beat The App includes Problem solving skills, Involves creative teamwork, Promotes cooperation of all members of your team, multiple skills sets are drawn upon, Utilises the digital medium, Incorporates creativity and team based activities., This program is not weather dependent, Plus, A digital record of the event is provided as a memento. Simply email us to enquire how we can add some fun to your team event: CONTACT US

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