Beach-Olympics is the perfect way in which to unwind and get to know your team a little better. These fun and exciting games can be played on any of Singapore’s brilliant beaches, including of course Sentossa Island. A healthy mixture of passive and beach olympics games will allow all participants the opportunity to collaborate and engage. Finishing with Sandsculpting is a powerful activity to finish on.

Events are designed to provide corporate groups an ideal opportunity to get competitive with one another.The round robin format will see teams trying their level best as they take on others for a share of the “Olympic” spoils. Video

Team fun activity on the beach

Channel that Positive Energy in Beach Olympics

Our beach Olympics creates a really great opportunity to channel a team’s energy into a very positive experience. Teams will be getting competitive over Volleyball, Egg drop and even Sandcastle building as they strive to become recognized as the best. Events are rotated to ensure groups are kept involved and eager to participate. Often a beach relay race is used to get the blood pumping and provide the perfect start to the day. We are able to help organise your teams and also assist with creative ways of designating them, including the use of bandanas and T-shirts.

No self-respecting Olympic event would be without the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed medals and ribbons, which of course we are more than happy to award. However, you are completely free to provide additional prizes, should you wish.

The More the Merrier

Beach Olympics is a perfect outdoor team building event and is suitable for groups of 20 – 400 people, in fact the more the merrier!

A healthy mixture of passive and more active games will allow all participants the opportunity to contribute to their teams overall performance. This helps to prevent the naturally more athletic ones from having it all their own way! We will structure a series of events that matches your team?s energy levels and also the available timeframe. One thing is for sure though; your teams will be enjoying the camaraderie that follows.

Available Events

The following is a list of some of the typical activities that can be combined to make up a beach team building event. However, we always make sure that there are one or two surprises available too! Ask us today – CLICK HERE

  • Beach relay races : A real blood pumper, teams work together in this relay event. Members can through the entire course or just perform in a single event; whichever suits your teams best.
  • Volleyball : Regular beach volleyball with a referee is one of our most popular beach activities. A novel twist on this is three and four-way volleyball; it’s a real crowd pleaser.
  • Hula hoop hurl : One half of the team are the “ring pins”, whilst the other half are the “hoopers”, in this human ring toss challenge. Thankfully this event is much safer than it first sounds and is lots of fun.
  • Frisbee golf : This ever popular event sees players using Frisbees instead of golf balls. They “hole” their shots by hitting the flags, with the lowest team score winning. The 9 hole course is divided up by the number of players, to ensure that each player can participate.
  • Sandcastle contest : The beach is the ideal setting for this competition. Each team are provided a bucket, a shovel and a theme. They will score marks based on the creativity, appropriateness and presentation of their sandcastle; this all happens against the backdrop of an ever decreasing time limit.
  • Egg drop : Raw eggs and other associated items make up the supplies for this fun event. Each team is tasked with making the apparatus to prevent their eggs from breaking when dropped onto the pavement from a height of 6 feet. This event is sure to test the team building and leadership qualities to the limit as players have a smashing (pun intended) time!
  • Bocce ball : This event gets the spectators shouting and screaming as they cheer on their teams in this wonderful Italian ball game.
Sand sculpture teamwork on the beach.

These above are just some of our most popular team building events that can take place during the beach Olympics program. Don’t forget we still have a couple of tricks up our sleeves! We can also add in Sand Sculpting, Shutter Speed and our popular Amazing Race, check out images on our Facebook Page

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