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The benefits that outdoors events in Singapore brings should never be underestimated. Many individuals will appreciate the way that they can forge new strong bonds with their colleagues, whilst at the same time filling their lungs with vast amounts of fresh air.

Yes, there seems to be something irresistible when it comes to running around doing an Outdoor Event, sometimes acting in ways that just would not be deemed acceptable when back in the office. So whether it is the leadership activities or the development team building that you are looking for, there is always something to be gained from using Team Building Singapore to provide some of the unique forms of outdoor events team building.

Benefits of Outdoor Team building Activities

Taking teams outside of their normal environments as well as their comfort levels have been proven to promote the creation of a much stronger team ethic. This is why the outdoor team building activities that we help to create will serve to add fresh momentum to your teams, once they are back in their regular setting. Team Building Singapore is proud to support all types of organisations in their quests to encourage a permanent closer working relationship between colleagues, something that we have been committed to for the last eight years.

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Highly recommended outdoor events

It’s a knockout staff games

The common thread for feedback regarding this brilliant team building event is that it is described as a school sports day, but for adults! An example of this is that team members will attempt to carry an object, whilst blindfolded, around an obstacle course. Alternatively they might well have to try to lift an object over an area whilst not talking, again blindfolded.

Scanvenger hunt business games

The scavenger hunts that are much more than the average affairs. A selection of challenging clues awaits the participants, only once they are worked can the treasure be found. To reach the end goal, your teams will have activities to solve and things to do and find. In essence they will be kept very busy as they work their way through some of the twists and turns that the event throws at them.

Survivor business games

Team Survivor is a powerful way of bringing people together as teams dissolve and merge. No one is left out. There is a wide mix of challenges to do, some require a good deal of imagination while others will require plenty of teamwork, determination and communication. There will be a good mix of challenges some being less physical allowing those with different talents to shine through.

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