TV Commercials creative customer focused team-bonding activity, an exciting and interactive event, TV Commercials, will demonstrate just whether or not your teams have the ability to work creatively within a pre-determined short timescale. They will be positioning your company’s products and services like never before.

TV Commercials will give a valuable insight as to the fresh and customer focused ideas that your team comes up with, as they try to provide the perfect solution to your potential customers.

tv commercials, group fun.
The Pitch group event.

Highly Entertaining Commercial

Your team will be given the brief of an advertising agency; they have been commissioned to produce an informative and highly entertaining commercial for your company. They will need to work very hard to make sure that they understand the right way that is required to sell it to your audience. It certainly won’t be easy to convince your potential customers that they have the right solution to match their requirements.

Team planning, organisation plus lots of leadership will be put to the test as your people try to come up with the perfect “pitch”. There will be roles for everyone to participate, making this one of the best ways to reinforce the benefits of working closely in a team environment.

Team Building Singapore will provide everything that you could possibly need to make the perfect sales pitch, including:

  • Costumes for all
  • Props and products
  • Make up and wigs etc
  • Tuition and facilitation on process

The team will be expected to produce a unique design for the TV commercial.

Key Events in TV Commercials

The following will provide an indication of the chain of events for the production of the TV Commercials:

  • Initial open discussion : Here the team will learn about what makes an effective commercial
  • Camera training : An important element of the process, making sure that the best angles and shots are used
  • Script writing : For most people this is totally new, some help is provided to get the team off to a good start
  • Briefing : The team is provided with the brief that they will need to work towards, be prepared for some unusual twists and turns!
  • Team collaboration : Ideas are brainstormed, with the team working together as a unit
  • Performance : The opportunity to finally get the commercial underway as filming commences

After the commercial has been filmed there will have an opportunity to view it, normally much to everyone’s immense amusement. It is not uncommon for parallels to be drawn with real work place issues as the teams provide commentary on the key aspects of their commercial.

Developmental Benefits

There are numerous development benefits to taking part in the TV Commercials, some of which are:

  • Helps to better understand what is important to your company’s customers
  • Allows for a degree of thinking outside the box
  • Improved promotion of company’s products and services
  • Huge levels of personal satisfaction
Singapore Team movies

Simple Concept

The concept of the TV Commercials is a very simple one. With coaching and guidance, teams are required to produce a commercial in an allotted time frame. They will be expected to gain a strong understanding of the target customer group. Team members will act, direct and produce in their very own “Pitch”.The program is set apart from its competitors because of the levels of flexibility that is provided. Different outcomes and objectives can easily be catered for, with your organisation’s goals remaining strongly focused upon. Our package includes many different features, with the most popular variant being a 2 part program. This is made up of a day session, followed by an evening MC awards ceremony. Ask us about this program and more ideas – CLICK HERE

team acting
Staff group by the water in Singapore.

Other available features are:

  • Design and scripting of commercial to fit with your organisations needs
  • Pre-meeting to format and any unique inclusions
  • Soundtrack and music lab
  • Digital still photos of the teams during their performance
  • Facilitation and staffing
  • Unique costumes per team
  • Expert make up
  • Script writing
  • Special effects
  • Formal MC evening program including screening of the commercials plus an ?Oscar? type awards ceremony
  • Compilation DVD of all of the teams commercials.

What our Customers say

DEUTSCHE BANK – simply said that they want to do it again

BOSTON COLSULTING GROUP – enjoyed their opportunity to perform in the Pitch and provided the following feedback: ‘Thanks again for a fabulous day and evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it’

UBS – ‘The best team building we have ever done’