Team Idol, your very own X Factor Pop Stars

Team Idol program really helps to develop closer working relationships with team members. The energy levels are kept to a maximum as wannabe pop starts get the chance to strut their stuff and live out their very own on-stage pop star fantasies!

Working in a similar way to the cult television show, “Singapore Idol”, everyone has the opportunity to show what they can do. This hugely entertaining afternoon show concludes with teams presenting their songs to what is often a standing ovation. A truly great time a very memorable event provided by Team Building Singapore.

pop stars game
Team Idol activity

Choosing a Music Genre

Each team is broken down into smaller groups, with the opportunity to choose a genre of music that they are most comfortable with. This will include the likes of:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Disco
  • Country & Western

All of the costumes and props for each music genre are provided, with the groups then making a choice from the following two options:

  • Making a music video
  • Performing live on stage

The teams in Team Idol are encouraged to steer away from the already released work, in favour of developing some fresh material. Company songs or product messages always seem to go down a treat with the audiences!

Of course the fun isn’t over just yet, with the teams having the opportunity to join in the laughter when they watch their own performances. All in all Team-Idol provides the perfect platform to develop a stronger team attitude, with lots of fun and laughs along the way.

The Main Event

In keeping with the Singapore Idol theme, there will also be a judging panel. Their job is to award marks and asses just how well the teams incorporate the company’s vision into their lyrics. It is also important to note that marks will also be handed out for creativity and choreography; flare also gets scored, providing there is any in evidence, of course!


Some of the highlights that Team Idol can provide include:

  • Unforgettable team building experience
  • Everyone is included
  • Customised to suit your organisations needs
  • See your teams in a different light
  • Integrates well into a day / evening event if required
  • Live or filmed performances
  • Copy of each team video as a reminder to this spectacular event

Additional Information

Groups from 8 to 500 can be catered for. The daytime preparation will normally take between 1 – 2 hours; with indoor rooms for each team. A stage is of course utilised to show the live event.

What our Customers say

Millward Brown

Millward Brown¬†was delighted to provide the following feedback, Absolutely super, we had a fantastic evening with Team Idol, the whole conference in Phuket was excellent, great 3 days.”

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