This wonderful Team Development exercise will very quickly create a room full of champions. In the process taking them to In The Zone.

In The Zone – the fast paced team development activity for any group. Within just a few seconds your conference groups will be totally re-energised by this fast paced, fun activity. It works by completely breaking the conference agenda and allowing everyone to become absorbed in this team based activity.


Team Development with High Energy

Teams will go head to head against each other in this indoor based, high energy game. In The Zone provides an opportunity for team development and every single team member to participate and have their own impact on their teams overall performance.

Questions that will be answered in this fun challenge will be:

  • What is it that makes them stand out and perform at a high level
  • What factors provide a team with the winning edge

Plus of course as the challenge unfolds, an understanding of exactly which team will be able to rise to the occasion becomes much clearer. Team members will inevitably bring out the best in each other as they learn just what it takes to achieve a high level of performance.

Over a number of different rounds the team development will be working closely together, demonstrating their talents in this engaging activity. This frenetic team challenge sees small teams compete to win the best team award. See our YouTube videos. Also check out our New Game Beat the App.

Lesson Outcomes

As the challenge evolves many valuable lessons are learned, including:

  • Principles of team work
  • Shared purpose
  • The power of positive reinforcement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Supporting colleagues when feeling under pressure
  • Decision making
staff group

Team Building Singapore can guarantee high levels of camaraderie and team development from this absorbing but fun activity.

The In The Zone challenge will provide a platform for the team to trust each other, whilst drawing upon the skills of others. Leadership and development skills are put through their paces as participants work through the many different tough problems, to arrive at the correct outcome.

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