Team Building Singapore Skills Sessions prides itself with providing the very best teambuilding solutions. Our delivery methods allow teams to participate in a fun, energetic and safe manner. We delight in seeing the positive differences that our team building events have made.

We have worked hard to earn an excellent reputation for the design and implementation of the highest quality Skills Sessions based learning activities. Using a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, our skilled facilitators can help your group achieve their goals. Team Building Singapore brings over 10 years of expertise to bear on each client’s organizational needs.

Our skills sessions and outcome target workshops are aimed to provide tangible results to customers. Facilitated with our drive and energy, these sessions are perfect for a conference, business meeting or corporate retreat.

Our skills sessions and outcome target workshops provide tangible results. A summary of the events and experiences that we can provide is as follows:

Earn As Much As You Can

This fun, but powerful activity will take a much closer look at the importance of values. Our setting of a live casino will allow teams to play to make money, depending of course on the choices that they make. The pace is fast as teams begin to learn that there are some teams that they can completely trust, whilst there might well be others than they shouldn’t rely upon.

The whole challenge can be completed in less than 1 hour, during which time teams will learn important lessons about values and how these can have an effect on sustainable results.

Group Skills Session.
  • Demonstrates the importance of values
  • Shows the impact that that values can have on team behaviouras well asoverall performance
  • Clearly identifies that integrity is vital to success
  • Highlights the importance of how each decision you make can impact on the entire team
What our Customers say

SPH found the event very helpful and provided the following feedback, “Once again, special thanks to you and your team.” They went on to say that they were grateful that the event helped to “reinvigorate our Core Values!” – SPH

Survivor team building game

This fun filled program will require a high level of participation. Teams will try to outwit, outplay and of course out think their opponents. Some great team challenges lie ahead in this dynamic event. Teams are brought closer together as they dissolve and merge, forging new and even stronger partnerships. The teams that understand the importance of working together will stand the best chances of surviving this exciting challenge.

The Mole Sabotage activity.

Breaking down Barriers

In this skills session exercise, teams will be provided the opportunity to present their priorities and needs, whilst giving feedback on how well they feel supported in achieving their objectives.

A high level of engagement will follow as the teams gain an understanding on how to develop and strengthen inter team collaboration.Teams will receive valuable feedback, very often including praise from other team members.

Our breaking down barriers program can be performed in both small and larger groups and provides an invaluable format for conference groups.

Action Forum

Team Building Singapore provides an excellent action forum. Facilitating the group through a series of issues, we can help to create solutions that can be easy to implement. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute their ideas by adding appropriate notes to a sheet containing the questions in hand.

The sheet is then worked through by the relevant teams, with the suggestions being dealt with in turn. This method of working proves to be very powerful in getting results, proving that brainstorming shouldn’t take as long as it often does.

Effective solutions are gained having taking into account the entire teams thoughts and ideas.

Team Synergy

Our team synergy event provides a dramatic background to prove the power of teamwork. During this activity teams will understand that when they work as a whole they can outperform individuals, even when those individuals possess higher skill levels. Lessons are learned about the conditions that are required to make these events happen.

This high energy exercise is carried out in a fun way, helping to ensure that these lessons are fully absorbed.

What does it take to create 1 + 1 to equal 3?

This event places small teams in a situation where the decisions that they make can result in life or death. Information is provided that puts the teams into a real survival situation, they must quickly decide where their priorities lie. Questions that will need answering include:

  • What items do we need to survive?
  • What are the steps that we need to take?
  • Should we stay put or leave?

At the end of the survival process each team’s conclusions are compared. Some addition areas are then reviewed:

  • Did every one contribute to the discussion, what prevented this from happening?
  • Was a consensus within the group reached, if so how strong was it?
  • If there were differences of opinion, how were they handled?

The end of this event will see teams receiving feedback on their performance. Their results are compared with that of the other teams.

The outcome of whether or not the teams lived or died will depend on their ability to achieve a synergy with the decision that was made. The important key elements for achieving a team synergy and the steps for a consensus of decision making are then explained. Aspects will include:

  • The conditions that allow for effective team work
  • What is a consensus decision making process and how it can really work
  • The interpersonal skills which are needed to make teams work together
  • The essential ingredients of creating synergy

The Tender – Customer focus vs. Product Driven

This fun activity will require participants to demonstrate what it really takes to win a customer’s business from a consultative approach. The team will be given a brief in which they will need to work to, ultimately coming up with a proposition that the customer just cannot refuse.

In the hilarious finale teams get to discover powerful learning’s about the different approaches that can be taken to solve these customers requirements.

Team Building Singapore can facilitate this event as an icebreaker or as a larger activity. It is very easy to anchor in key messages around your company or conference to make the learning even more relevant.

Questions that will be asked upon the conclusion of this event are as follows:

  • Was the customer involved in the design of the solution?
  • Did the team consider cost savings when buying their materials?
  • Where they able to deliver on time?
  • Were they pro-active enough?

This fun activity provides a very strong, clear message around the customer vs. product focus potential issue.

Good to Great – Skills Session

Our good to great event provides the ultimate in team challenges. Teams compete against each other to win their customers business. Ultimately their worth is determined by just how well they can demonstrate their team working abilities.

The program challenges participants to try to understand how they can bring out the best in others, whilst at the same time helping them to find out more about what drives them. Most teams find that over the 2 rounds the shift in teamwork and behaviour is immense. Individuals really start to understand the dynamics of a successful team, in action.

Team are made up of a maximum of 6 people, this allows for the best levels of interaction with each member getting an opportunity to be involved. The solutions are then mapped out and presented back to the customer. It is possible to include additional modules; these can reinforce the importance of teamwork in your own organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Teams benefit by gaining a clear understanding in the following important areas:

  • Creating a shared purpose, vision and direction
  • Developing of team strategies to support each other when “under pressure”
  • Highlighting a range of tools to improve their ability to better influence
  • Generating desired outcomes by effective problem solving and decision making
  • The development of strong rapport with colleagues and customers
  • Effective listening with positive reinforcement
  • Demonstrating an increased understanding of the importance of team dynamics
  • Developing a team culture around continuous improvement and on-going learning

Strengthening Team Roles and Communication

During this skills session, teams will gain a greater understanding on how respect is built up. As a result of these findings it is easy to see how empathy works within a team environment.

In this session the group will discover more about:

  • The impact of different styles
  • Key strengths
  • The roles that people play in teams

Team Building Singapore facilitate this session to allow individuals to understand how to bring out the best in others; whilst at the same time be more flexible in responding to their needs.

The main objectives covered in this session are:

  • Gaining an understanding on your own behavioural style and how you can impact others
  • Learn the behavioural style of others and understand how to better meet their needs
  • Become more flexible and adaptive with people of different behavioural styles
Learning outcome

The success of this session will provide a greater degree of knowledge in the needs of others, once this is achieved the greater our own individual success will be.

Dimensions of Human Behaviour

Participants will also gain an understanding in the emotional dimensions of behaviour. They will be able to increase the accuracy of their own perceptions, enabling them to become better observers of other people.

The Teambuilding Experts

Areas that are raised in this exercise include:

  • Decisions and how are they made.
  • The best ways to deal with conflict
  • How are problems best solved
  • Dealing with change, what happens?
  • If you feel under pressure, how do you react?

About Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore consists of a team of professional individuals who are dedicated to providing a platform to allow others to improve their own team working practices. Our facilitators are expert in business, leadership and management profiling. Hosting a whole range of different fun team building events and exercises, that is designed to promote leadership and development skills. Most of all our team likes to have fun.

We work hard to design sessions that will meet the needs of your business, team and individuals. This is achieved by discussions and pre-meetings, which will then allow us to offer you a choice of solutions; each of them will provide different outcomes.

When and Where?

Diversity allows us the flexibility to deliver any program that you need at any time and in any location. The inclusion of a weather and time back-up solution to all of our events will ensure that your team building exercise goes off without a hitch.

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We are the experts in our field, offering over 40 exciting and fun programs. With over 10 years? experience we are well placed to recommend alternative ideas and programs that really will fit your own requirements.

Team Building Singapore has developed an excellent reputation for the design and implementation of some of the highest quality, experienced-based learning programs. We specialise in providing a wealth of tailor made programs that will make your training or conference session memorable for all the right reasons.

Our 10 years of experience in leadership and development team building allows us to add real tangible value to your business.