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Profiling: Options and Solutions

Teambuilding Singapore facilitators are Accredited and qualified in Profiling Tools: Team Culture Survey’s, 360, MBTI, Belbin, DISC and Self Perception Tests. Our profiling facilitators bring proficient experience and in-depth knowledge of various assessment tools, coaching techniques and team based learning tests. We have even created our own team-roles test, a fun team based challenge to discover your teams individual powers.

Our suite of tools available are provided by accredited facilitators, with over 20 years of delivery, coaching and facilitation. We are constantly adding new tools and systems to our portfolio, each tool is different and appropriate for various reasons.

There are two generally accepted categories of personality profile tests, trait and type .

Trait personality profile tests, operate on the assumption that personality is made up of a number of characteristics. The goal of the test is to document the employee’s characteristics and match the characteristics to appropriate roles within the company.

Type personality profile tests, propose that people fall into well-defined categories. The goal of the test is to identify the category the employee belongs to, share the information, and build team skills by having team members become aware of the talents associated with each category.

Teambuilding Singapore has created a suite of activities that leverage the learning’s and understandings post profiling tools. In our sessions not only do we complete the tool, either in a workshop, or prior online, but we facilitate a de-brief with an understanding and sharing activity. Then, using short activities we illustrate the value and strengths learnt and highlight the positive of the individuals and team.

Coaching sessions post tool completion can occur either 1:1 face to face, or via phone, webcam etc. Workshops are tailored to include the tools learning’s and discoveries, then incorporate team position and forward motion. Lastly, the business, what and how will the business benefit.

So why do you need Profiling?

Perhaps a quick click through to this informative link on Athletes that chose D.I.S.C will be of interest CLICK HERE

Our Accredited Range of Profiling Tools includes:

  1. MBTI
  2. Team Management Systems
  3. Belbin
  4. D.I.S.C
  5. Lego Serious Play
  6. LSI
  7. 360 Degree

Over the years our popular workshops have been created with different activities that compliment the purpose of the outcome. As an Example if a team wants to understand roles, the Belbin tool is great and with this Lego Serious Play and some experiential team activities add value to the learning. See ideas on this PAGE

Contact Us – Every client is different, with different needs, outcomes, objectives and goals, and so not all tools will be appropriate for these needs, so we highly recommend contacting us, so we can advise the best option, time-line and journey.

Profiling tools and perception tests
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