Team Building Singapore offers a wide range of Leadership, motivational and training sessions. These vary from team building sessions to the more focused workshop based classes, aiming to cover the key objectives as agreed with our customers. These objectives are learnt during consultations and pre-meetings, allowing us to gain an understanding of the solutions that will fully meet your requirements.

Our policy is to devise sessions that inspire your people into providing the very best levels of leadership. Great leadership will often require deep human qualities; it is our aim to bring these qualities to the surface. For updated info and feedback on our programs follow us on Facebook

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Enabling Forces

Every successful team needs great leaders, people that are capable of helping others to achieve their goals through motivation and leadership. These leaders are the enabling force in many organisations. Leaders, that won?t quit and strive to be the best that they can.

Traditionally leadership was all about the individual being able to direct people; however nowadays this is an incomplete definition of what the best leaders practice. Effective leaders don’t always need to be the most technically gifted or intellectual; whilst these attributes might help, they are not necessarily pivotal.

Reverting to Type

Great modern aged leadership requires the individual to possess attributes and behaviours that characterise and relate closer to humanity. The serving concept is fundamental to the challenges of the leadership role. Unfortunately ineffective leaders tend to revert to type and consider merely that the leader must always be served by the people, rather than the other way around. Team Building Singapore allows the individual to challenge these concepts and adapt their ways to make them a better leader.

Effective leadership should be concerned with the needs of the people in the organisation. Of course leadership will always involve the taking of decisions; however for it to be effective it should be realised that it contains the unique responsibility of developing key relationships with the other individuals that form part of the team.

Instruction and Direction

Many people will believe that leadership and management is one and the same thing. This popular misconception sees leadership as the instruction and direction of people; however, effective leadership requires much more than this.

People will follow great leaders because of the trust and respect that they instill amongst others, this is often seen as more important than the skills that the leader possesses. Leadership is about the behavior that the person demonstrates, followed by the skills that they have; it is important to remember that they always come in that order.

The simple way to understand how leadership varies from that of management is as follows:

  • Leadership is almost always about behavior
  • Management is almost always about processes

A great way to understand this further is that leadership does not depend on the type of management methods and processes that are in place, instead leadership primarily will depend on the way in which the leader uses those management processes and methods.

Some of the examples of important leadership qualities will often include:

  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Sincerity
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Determination

Of course in addition to these traits a high degree of humanity is required; this will help the leader build stronger and longer lasting relationships with his or her team. It is important to note that these skills are very much different to that of conventional working skills and processes.

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Teambuilding Singapore leadership programs takes a look at the different behaviours and skills that leaders need. The focus on these areas will help to engage better with other individuals, achieve team development and ultimately grow their own businesses. Our Leadership programs explore skills leaders need, to grow the business, engage the individuals and achieve team development. Call us today +65 9155 6624

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About Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore consists of a team of professional individuals who are dedicated to providing a platform to allow others to improve their own team working practices. Our facilitators are expert in business, leadership and management profiling. Hosting a whole range of different fun team building events and exercises, that is designed to promote leadership and development skills. Most of all our team likes to have fun.

We work hard to design sessions that will meet the needs of your business, team and individuals. This is achieved by discussions and pre-meetings, which will then allow us to offer you a choice of solutions; each of them will provide different outcomes. Contact us to find how out how we can help your leaders CLICK HERE

When and Where?

Diversity allows us the flexibility to deliver any program that you need at any time and in any location. The inclusion of a weather and time back-up solution to all of our events will ensure that your team building exercise goes off without a hitch.

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We are the experts in our field, offering over 40 exciting and fun programs. With over 10 years experience we are well placed to recommend alternative ideas and programs that really will fit your own requirements.

Team Building Singapore has developed an excellent reputation for the design and implementation of some of the highest quality, experienced-based learning programs. We specialise in providing a wealth of tailor made programs that will make your training or conference session memorable for all the right reasons.

Our 10 years of experience in leadership and development team building allows us to add real tangible value to your business.