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Interactive High Performance Teams

Building High Performance Teams is an interactive team building program covering many different team building training practices.

We focus our skills-based program on helping your teams understand just how to apply their knowledge to real-time business issues. Essentially we ensure that your people have the knowledge of how to use their skills more effectively.

The program formats can vary depending on exactly what is required, options include:

  • Half day
  • Full day
  • Multiple days

We fully appreciate that each team will have different needs and can vary the formats and activities to suit.

Team Building Singapore helps by teaching participants how to apply what they have learned to your real business challenges. Our high performance team building leaders help them to develop authentic skills, skills that will enable them to lead high performance teams. See our YouTube video and follow us on Facebook. Or call us today to find out more +65 9155 6624

Teamwork Skills Workshop

Our Building high performance Teams Skills Workshop is a modular program that provides teams with the tools required to improve their team’s effectiveness. This program will focus on the following aspects:

leadership training.
Group training events in Singapore.

Team Performance Initiatives Workshop

The high performance initiatives workshops include experience based team exercises to enhance communication and trust. Barriers are broken down with effective collaboration, leading to problem-solving. Team building program formats include half day and one day programs;they can also be integrated into many of the other Team Building Singapore training programs.

We work extra hard to make sure that all of our team building workshops contain an element of fun. By taking this approach we find that teams become much more interactive and ultimately gain more from our sessions. We can facilitate creative team activities which will be guaranteed to provide plenty of laughter and enjoyment, but don’t worry as the focus on your key business criteria is never far away.

Team Building Singapore has become experts in promoting and building the spirit of teamwork. Discussions, activities and training are all blended seamlessly together to ensure that they provide the perfect catalyst for a positive change in your team’s behaviour.