Customer Connections

This fun to do challenge will provide an excellent understanding on just how customer focused is your team really is. Hopefully, during the exercise they will not appear too product driven and will want to attend to the needs of their potential customer. Customer Connections is an interactive ‘one team’ training activity, hands on and creative.

Our facilitator will take on the role of a “Donald Trump” like character; their brief will be to act as a potential customer who has an urgent need. We all know that the most important person in any business is the customer connections; this will be tested to the full as your teams set about trying to win this important tender.

Working against the Clock

All of the materials that are needed to succeed in this business type exercise are provided; it is up to your own team members to demonstrate their own leadership and team building skills to enable them to succeed. Each team member is allocated a specific role as they work against the clock to develop a unique solution that will satisfy the even the most difficult of customers’ requirements.

The most creative teams will stand out in this fun challenge, Want a truly brilliant and rewarding team building activity, Customer Connection is designed unique by Team Building Singapore. Depending on how well they can listen and work together will determine whether or not they can win this event. The teams in the finale are given the opportunity to present their superb designs and of course explain the features and benefits to the customer. They will witness a dramatic turn of events taking place as the teams discover the true meaning of being customer focused against being product driven.

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They will be able to learn the following valuable lessons from Customer Connections:

  • Without customers, there is no business
  • Just who the most important person in the business is

The entire activity focuses on and encourages an appreciation of your most important people, customers. All of this is carried out in a fun way which helps the participants to fully understand the importance of their role when dealing with customers.

Some of the skills that will be put to the test in this activity will include:

  • Communication, but most importantly attentive listening
  • Anticipating and understanding customer?s needs
  • Dealing with unhappy customers
  • Making the customer feel valued
  • Receiving and accepting feedback
  • Demonstrating a strong customer focus through teamwork
Teamwork and group exercise.

What our Customers say

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Vodafone SEA said that the feedback from lots of their employees was that it “was the best team building activity they had been involved in.” They went on to add that they “a rewarding and rich learning experience – thank you”