Team Building Singapore understands the dynamics of interacting with business groups and how to create an environment that will bring out the best from the individuals participating. We have expert Conference Facilitation skills, professionals who have 20 years of experience who understand the delicate balance of encouraging participation, engaging the audience, creating an environment that is of learning and can link key messages with outcomes. Our YouTube video helps to illustrate our programs and activities. Also keep up to date with our progress on Facebook.

Group celebration.

Conference Facilitation helps you way before your conference begins to clarify your needs and design the best format to fit your needs. We are highly tuned and sensitive to your needs and understand the flexibility and focus required to run a conference

Team Building Singapore is able to bring an array of ideas, structure, methods and insights that can help to achieve the outcomes that you are seeking. Plus with a huge selection of team building games, we can also add fun and energy into the agenda.

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“The outcomes from the Conference will assist us in the management and success of our organisation over the next 12 months. We greatly appreciate the guidance that you provided us with in structuring the Conference to achieve the necessary objectives and outcomes required by our organisation.Your assistance with the group sessions right through to the support you provided to each individual breakout group was integral to the success of the Conference. With you facilitating the event as you recommended, it allowed the managers to be fully utilised within the groups, which added immense value to the outcomes achieved.” -LKY School of Policy NUS

Every conference and seminar can benefit from the services of a Conference Facilitators. Leaving the job to members of your committee could be a poor second best option and can make the difference between the success and failure of your event. A good professional Conference Facilitators / MC can be involved in the development of your program and from their experience will be able to help you shape your program for optimum effect. Contact us for more ideas and how we can help your next event be a WOW – Click Here