Through Team Unity, focus on the result and drive to boost a more customer centric approach to team building activities, team-building can underline the learning required to succeed. We do this through a Customer centric teambuilding activities.

Step 1: a good brief from a client look at making the team more aligned to a customer centric approach, time frame 3 hours in the morning, before a management session discussing strategy and goals, approach and directions.

Step 2: Engaging Teambuilding Singapore to design a team program that anchors the messages and allows the teams to experience hands on learning.

Step? 3: Delivery by the Teambuilding Singapore team, with over 20 years experience, qualified facilitators in many fields of study.

Activity 1 : The Apprentice – Understanding Customer needs and relationships.

We all know that the most important person in your business is the customer. But does your team truly understand your customers, their needs and their business. In the Apprentice, Teambuilding Singapore test your teams drive, energy and direction. Our Teambuilding Facilitator takes on the role as a Trump like Character, acting as a customer who has an urgent need.

A fun and Rewarding Customer Centric Teambuilding Activities for your Sales Team, internal teams.

Teams receive equipment, a tender outlining the instructions and materials needed to succeed. Teams allocate roles and begin planning and working on their unique solution for the customer as they race against the clock with other teams to come up with a special design that meet the customers needs of a new Logo and Brand image for his business. A great Customer Centric Teambuilding Activity.

Activity 2 : The Mole a rewarding Customer Centric Teambuilding Activities

An enlightening & hilarious Indoor Team Challenge with an outcome that no one sees coming. The Mole completely breaks the agenda and allows the group to delve into the mentality of blaming staff rather than looking at the systems that are set in place – believe in Team Unity to win, win, win.

It begins with the teams receiving what at first seems like a simple task to complete. This is however complicated by a number of unreasonable constraints and then at the eleventh hour, by a bombshell that often leads to the team chaos!

Teams need to bring out the very best in each other and learn to find what it takes to achieve high performance where there are surprises and twists as they go.

Activity 3 : Good to Great
What gives a winning team the edge? What is it that makes them stand out from the rest and perform at a consistently high level? Which team can rise to the occasion and be Customer Centric?

The team-building activity shows the benefits of effective coaching, effective measurement, and effective displays of performance data. It highlights the fallacy of trying to make everyone the best performer, instead of working on the system and reducing variation in the teams work processes. Customer centric approach to team building activities enables the learning that customers matter.

In this frenetic team challenge, small teams compete to win the award of best team. Over a number of rounds the teams really need to work closely together to demonstrate their talents in this engaging absorbing activity. Rules and boundaries play a significant role in a team winning, but with skill and learning, they go from being good teams, to great teams!

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Customer Centric Teambuilding Activities
Customer Centric Teambuilding Activities

Customer Centric Teambuilding Activities