What are your Team Building Objectives?

Before you contact various team building suppliers in Singapore, it is essential to clarify your team building objectives, understand why you want/need team building, then you can clarify your needs, allocate a budget and also identify suitable team participants to attend. after all, its an INVESTMENT not a COST so get your team building objectives correct.

clarify your team building objectives  Clarify your team building objectivies

Ask yourself, what are our team building objectives for the training event?:

  • Do you want / need to resolve team challenges?
  • Is your team working well together, where do they need focus?
  • Are you trying to resolve a conflict in the group?
  • How can the team better perform?
  • Individuals play a key role, but how is the team role in the business performing?

The more specific you can be about clarifying your team building objectives, the easier a suitable team-building program will be identified. If objectives aren’t clear it will be challenging to:

  • Choose a team building firm and an activity that provides a ROI.
  • Create and tailor a program to your individual, team and business needs.
  • Debrief the session effectively that’s appropriate to the participants.
  • Measure key effectiveness and outcomes of the training.

If you don’t take the time to provide direction and clear objectives, the providers will simply send stuff, information that is general. It’s not their fault, they will supply info based on your provided requirements.

Clarify your Team Building ObjectivesTime spent before you choose, is the best investment! Do you want a desk full of proposals for activities that are “fun” but add no bottom line value.

DANGER: You run the risk of ending up, making a selection based on the lowest cost provider or what your team think sounds like an enjoyable activity.

And after the session, your team / business will conclude that all team building is nothing but fun activities. The training budget will be reduced, based on precedent and past experiences costs, and when a team building need emerges in the future ? you cannot justify the spend.

First step maybe to conduct a team survey on needs, or even get participants to partake in an assessment tool, check out our accredited selection at CLICK HERE

The only way in which you can end up with a truly great ROI team building program, one that increases business performance is to simply, spend time on your needs and outcomes before embarking on a team activity.

So, please be very clear and specific about your outcomes, communicate your requirements to suppliers such as Team Building Singapore, where a suitable proposal can then be considered to succeed.

Clarify your team building objectives by asking Team Building Singapore the right questions to ask of your team needs. The answers will determine the direction you follow. If in doubt, ask us +65 9155 6624

Clarify your team building objectives  Clarify your team building objectives